One Hour Drone Pilot's Certificate Course Gift Card
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One Hour Drone Pilot's Certificate Course Gift Card

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X3 Drone Academy's One Hour Drone Pilot's Certificate: The certificate drone pilots of any age should obtain before flying.

Give the gift of flight!

This digital gift card is valid for the X3 Drone Academy's One Hour Drone Pilot's Certificate online education course with lifetime access.

Class Curriculum

  • Introduction
  • Drone Flying Basics
  • Who can fly a drone?
  • Get to know your drone
  • Quiz: Drone Flying Basics
  • Understand Your Drone
  • Components of a drone 
  • Powering-on and powering-off your drone
  • Quiz: Understand your Drone
  • Before You Take-Off
  • Know your environment
  • The Controller 
  • Flight modes 
  • Quiz: Before you Take-Off
  • Navigation
  • Flying controls 
  • Restrictions 
  • Landing and Return-to-Home function 
  • Quiz: Navigation
  • Graduation


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